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the birth story experience

You’ll get that reaction a lot when you tell your friends you’re thinking about birth photography.

I get it. I really do. Most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera anyway, without the added spice of huffing, puffing and pushing out a newborn at the same time.

But you’re not mad. I promise. Because only you know, more than anyone else, how special the day will be. You might be beginning your family, or transforming the one you already have. Only you know how much it means to you, and how important it is for you to capture the full birth story. You know now that you want to remember it forever.

Today is February 29th. That’s quite an unusual date, isn’t it, because it only comes round once every four years. So how about a day that happens once in a lifetime? Pretty special, right?

The day you graduated, the moment you saw the man you wanted to marry, the flurry of confetti on your marriage day. They are all important to you. But naturally you want to have a visual reminder, because sometimes a memory isn’t enough. Feelings fade.

You know that the day you give birth will be the most incredibleemotionalwonderful experience. It will be filled with excesses of love and rolling tears of joy. It will be a beautiful story, that you could never fully retell on your own. Because you’ll be busy. And Dad? Well, I expect your camera hand is being tightly squeezed by a lady in labour. So let’s not distract you with the desperate need to capture those first moments as a family.

Let me give you both the freedom to breathe through those moments together, to think of nothing else but the task at hand, the love of your life, the new life arriving.

I know that your birth experience will be a fleeting series of unique moments that you will NEVER know in the same way again. Even if you get the baby bug and have ten of the little darlings, no other birth will be the same, as each little person brings their own unique light, life and joy to your world.

And how about the parts of the story that you never see on the day? The many tiny details in the room, or the way he looks at you, concerned but in awe. His hand on your back or the look in his eyes when he sees it’s a boy. And then the way he smiles, relieved, that everything is ok. The deep, satisfied sigh. The enormity of this moment. The telephone call to say, “you have a beautiful grandson.”

surrey birth photography // home water birth // © kate griffin photography 2013

So let’s talk about you a bit. Let’s think about how you feel about how you’ll look. Because we all know, labour is not a beauty pageant. You may be tired, in pain, gritting your teeth, helping your body perform it’s own perfect miracle.

But let me tell you what I believe. What I know.

There is nothing more beautiful than an authentic emotion captured with care and love. I’m not shooting a gritty documentary. I’m creatively capturing your birth experience, using all of my portrait skills to photograph the very best of you in the moment that presents itself to me.

surrey birth photography // mum

If you’d like to know more, chat over cake or sip some tea, then I’d love to meet you. I adore what I do and I think that shows in every image I create. The story I tell in photographs will be real. It will be wonderful. It will be yours to treasure forever.

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