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little bookworm project // the gruffalo’s child (sort of)

I’ve photographed my share of tough toddlers. They get the measure of you immediately. They know what you want (the big black camera gives it away) and they fix you with a stare that says, “try it.”

Well I like a challenge. So presented with a little boy with a sparkling sense of mischief and a room full of books, that’s a challenge I am going to win.

In the adult corner: Kate Griffin, 33, intrepid child photographer.

In the toddler corner: Alistair, 1 and a half, little bookworm, gorgeous boy, currently without trousers on.

Mum succeeded where many would have failed and dressed his lower half. Minor victory. Battle still on.

Seconds out. Round 1.

“Alistair, show me your books. I love books.”

Alistair, silently, sizes me up. Points to his brilliant bookshelf.

“Alistair, have you got a noisy book? Show me a noisy book.”


Alistair cracks a smile. Progress. I will win you round little man, I will.

Ha! WIN.

Never met a kid I couldn’t charm yet. Give me time and a arsenal of animal noises and I will bring them round.

So then we have the delicate issue of asking a toddler to pick a “favourite.” As it turns out, he loves them ALL. Loves to sit and flick through the pages, study the pictures, touch and feel the different textures in those fantastic board books in his mini library.

So seriously Alistair, you’ve flirted with an “In the Night Garden” book, but cast it aside. Talk to me.

After much deliberation and heated debate, Alistair points out and picks up The Gruffalo’s Child. I always knew he had excellent taste.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Alistair has the cutest little desk by the window. He often likes to sit there and look through his books. But not today.

When you’ve won the war, you’ve got to know when to retreat gracefully. Insistent pointing at my camera and my bag was a very clear sign. But there is always time for one more, soulful little portrait.


I LOVE photographing for this project, so I would really like to hear from you if you have a little bookworm that wants to take part.

Reticence about photographers is absolutely fine. Love of books is a deal-breaker. Click here to take part.

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