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So let’s make this straightforward and easy. Clear pricing, with no surprises.


If you’ve found your way to this page and you’re thinking of booking a session with me, I know you are looking for something more than a pretty picture.

For you, pretty pictures of your gorgeous family simply aren’t enough. But you’ll get them from me. I know how to make Granny happy with portraits full of beaming, toothy grins. But that’s not all you’ll get.

I know you want someone to capture the heart and soul of your children. You want a poignant memory of them now, and a glimpse of who they’ll become in the future. You want the magic of a fleeting moment captured and retold. You want a storyteller, not just a photographer.

Well hello. Here I am. And I’d love to tell your story for you.

The session fees for family events and family sessions don’t include prints or products or digital files.

If you love to hold your heart in your hands, I can create a beautiful handmade leather album exclusively for you. Prices start from £700.

If you want to look at what you love every day, why not create a wonderful wall display of classic gallery frames. Prices start from £195.

To give to Granny, to keep by your bedside, to love every day in the office you can order mounted fine art print packages for £695.

Digital files are also available for purchase with an unlimited print release. Select your favourites, or you might want to archive the full story of your session – lots of people do. If so, your full gallery is available on a USB drive in a keepsake presentation case for £1250.

A full price list for 2019 is available if you just click your heels together three times and say “there’s no place like home.” If that doesn’t work, just drop me a line at kate@kategriffinphotography.com and I’ll get one to you by the magic of email.