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elizabeth & jasper // milk #20

And then there was one.

One last MILK portrait to share with you. One last tender tale to tell.

Jasper is getting busy growing up, so his time being breastfed by Elizabeth is coming to an end. I think the knowledge of that makes this portrait feel even more poignant for me.

Moments before we got this shot, Jasper was running around the room, playfully hiding, jumping over toys, threatening to topple the structure of big brother George’s biggest and bestest car ramp. In the world. Ever. Or at least in their living room that week.

So when Jasper finally shifted down a few gears, climbed up onto Elizabeth’s lap and shuffled into position, we took advantage of that quiet little moment of hush. He sat still, cuddled into his mum. She sat back, eyes closed, tickling his toes, smiling.

Surrounded by their family pictures, I captured this last chapter in their shared story of breastfeeding. As a photograph it’s a moment forever held, a framed memory of the life they’ve been living together.

It’s the perfect way to finish a project I’ve loved working on. I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing it with me.

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