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anita & noah // milk #9

He was born and two days later the rain came.

Then the floods.

They called him Noah. Coincidence I think. But a beautiful name for the smiliest of baby boys.

Breastfeeding was new to Anita, and not just because Noah is her first child. Like many people, it wasn’t something she was familiar with because there was little or no experience of it amongst her family or circle of friends as she was growing up. Over the years attitudes have changed, the advice has fluctuated and I think this has left many people confused. I’ve heard that there was a time when bottle feeding was actively encouraged, when the advice at that time steered people away from their own inclinations. We take on trust the advice we are given and we do the best with the information we have.

But Anita felt very strongly that she wanted to breastfeed her own child, despite it being extremely painful to begin with. One thing that has been repeated over and over in the personal stories I’ve been told is that it may be a natural act, but it doesn’t always come naturally. It can be a struggle and refining the art of breastfeeding is most definitely a process for the mums I’ve photographed.

Anita told me that she loves being ready wherever and whenever Noah needs to feed. She laughed when she told me that remembering to sterilise bottles would have been a challenge, because she can’t quite get the hang of left and right still. There’s no need to pack up a bag full of formula and bottles, because she carries all the equipment with her. It’s there as she walks out the door.

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