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London Child Portraits at Maggie & Rose Family Members Club, Chiswick

I used to go to summer clubs when I was a kid. They were a mixture of contain and restrain and then the more laissez-faire attitude of the activity days put on for the local community. Guildford is hardly an inner city jungle to escape, but when offered a pony-trekking adventure across Dartmoor I pleaded to go to see the wide open countryside.

I think there may have been a box to tick to declare my level of horse riding proficiency.

I believe I ticked it.

This may not have been the whole truth.

So when I arrived, the chunkiest of the Guildford kids, I was not set upon a lovely little pony, a pretty chestnut wonder that most girls dream of. No. mens health. Instead I am certain I was given a shire horse. https://www.devonhealthandwellbeing.org.uk/buy-soma-carisoprodol-uk/. This creature was big. But it had to be.

Up on that horse, closer to the clouds then the earth, I trotted out of the farmyard deliriously. I must have had a healthy grip, because I only fell off twice. Once when the horse stopped at a stream to drink and I went straight over the top. The next, and more elaborate occasion was when I mistakenly found myself in the canter to gallop grouping of pony-trekkers. This was a severe error, that saw me fall off at top speed, foot stuck in stirrup, dragged a little, wind knocked out of me, the memory of ticking that proficiency box a hazy dream.

But it was certainly an adventure.

So when I walked into the new Chiswick location of the Maggie & Rose Family Members Club, I recognised a place of wonderful adventure immediately. This is the sort of thing that I could only dream of when I was a kid. Catering to the highest levels of imagination and creativity, this amazing space offers everything you could hope to inspire and entertain your family. From the littlest to the biggest, there are activities and classes to charm everyone. If you’re a parent in London, you’ll walk through those doors, breathe a sigh of relief, grab yourself a delicious coffee and know you are in the best place to meet with friends and keep the kids delighted.

In collaboration with the brilliant AlexandAlexa, online stockists of the best designer kids clothes around, I was visiting the Chiswick club to shoot a series of summer fashion portraits.

So here was another list of boxes to tick.

Amazing location. Tick.

Fabulous designer clothes for kids. Tick.

The BEST little models you could hope for. TICK.

Here’s what happened when we all got together and larked about.

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Thank you so much to all of the brilliant models who joined us that day, the coolest kids from the best family club in London. And to their fantastically patient parents, a huge thank you for making the day go so smoothly and for helping me capture such fantastic images.

If you’re in London, near Chiswick or Kensington, get yourself to your local Maggie & Rose club IMMEDIATELY. It will be the best club that you join, with the added benefit that you won’t need to send your non-horseriding child away to a pony-trekking week in Dartmoor for thrilling adventures.


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