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happy happy birthday little sister

It’s good to have a little sister. You can get them into all sorts of trouble. When we were little, we would send her into the front room, having prepped her to show mum and dad how good she was at spelling. Obviously the choice of words was less than desirable. She got told off. Me and my brother got a laugh out of it.

And then there’s also the opportunity to play hairdressers. But when you’re 6 and she’s 3, it is a recipe for disaster. I’m quite clumsy and don’t really have the patience to keep a steady hand, so her new do was quite extreme. Enter mum. Bringer of all justice. I got a haircut too.

Now she’s a lot older, but I’ll always be those 3 years ahead. But she is much better than me at doing hair. Plus her vocabulary of profanity is quite excellent.

happy birthday little sister // © kate griffin photography

Happy, happy birthday little sister.

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