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snow baubles

Remember all that snow we enjoyed? How smoothly life ran, roads were open, people at work, kids at school? No? Oh yes, that’s it. It was a sort of miserable time where the novelty fast wore off. The gut-wrenching fear of being so close to Christmas without a direct, clear route to Tesco and their fine array of cheese and pate, well, that was almost too much for me. I very nearly pulled on my boots are walked the short distance there – god forbid. Apparently, the Red Cross don’t do food drops to Guildford, even in times of dire need. Turns out, I’m just a little bit greedy and a lottle bit lazy.

But there were those in the Griffin household who couldn’t have been happier about the snow. For them it was a chance to dig like madmen in clean, white mud without being told off for dragging it inside. It did however make them walking, barking, messes covered in snow baubles. You see, when you’re brown and curly, snow tends to clump and harden and gather on your underside. Uncomfortable, yes. Tasty for the golden boy? Absolutely.

So the mad dash circuits of the garden begin. But they will always come charging back for the promise of a snowball.

Rory is a big boy now. Bigger even than Ella. Actually, I should say taller, not wider. Ella still wears the “big boned” label with pride. But where Ella refuses to sit for the camera, Rory is a right poser.

So he will stand, sit, wag his tail and lick the snow from his nose. He will also stay very still and enjoy the little flakes when they start to fall again.

He doesn’t have the undercarriage curls of Ella, but Rory can still gather snow baubles with the best of them.

He is a bit gorgeous though, isn’t he? Don’t tell Ella. She gets a bit jealous. But if she decides to hide behind him, what else can I do but take advantage of the handsome boy.

She’ll come round. Especially when the paths have cleared, there’s not so much mud and I start walking to the tea rooms again. http://www.thelaneshealthandbeauty.com/tramadol-uk/. Because you’ve never seen a dog change their mind about being pleasant and compliant quicker than a cocker eyeing cake.

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  • February 7, 2011 - 2:43 pm

    Emma Davenport - Far too cute for words! Just gorgeous – I want them!ReplyCancel

  • May 31, 2011 - 9:39 pm

    Claire - Soo gorgeous..go on bring them on Friday…am sure they’d get on with Ramsay….No ? …Really ?ReplyCancel

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