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gheila & kitty // milk #10

Kitty was waiting for me. Very patiently I might add. When I arrived to photograph her and her mum Gheila for the MILK breastfeeding project, she was sat on the floor building rainbows out of wooden blocks.

“Where’s Kate?” I heard a little voice say. So when she saw me, she smiled. Not really at me (although people are often overjoyed to see me, of course) but because she knew she’d managed to wait long enough. “Leche?” she asked her mum. And so we got to work, finding the best light in a little pocket of space by the kitchen window.

Leche is Spanish for milk. I only know this now because I asked Gheila. My GCSE French is appalling, so maybe I can be forgiven for not recognising Spanish being spoken by a toddler.

The reason Kitty knows it (apart from being a bright little girl) is because her mum is a member of La Leche League, a group that offers breastfeeding support from mother to mother. If you’d like to find help and friendly support in your area, you can find a local group here.

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