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You’ve browsed through the galleries. You’ve seen images that you would love to have of your own family. You’ve decided that I’m the photographer for your story.

Excellent. You’re the perfect family for me too.

Chelsea Kensington London Family Portrait Photography

a last london summer // family portraits in chelsea

As a mother who loves her family fit to burst, as a photographer who adores the artform, she’s always takingView full post »


freja’s birth story

We all first met in a cafe. I ate a muffin and made a mess, tried to remain professional, but got far too swept up inView full post »

Kate Griffin Photography_Surrey Family Photography_Generations_18

getting the family together

We don’t get our family together nearly enough. When we were kids, Christmas meant packing up the car with theView full post »

one little knight at guildford castle

I was born and bred in Guildford. I’ve moved around a bit, lived in different places, but I love this town andView full post »

To schedule your session, the very first thing to do is check my availability. I only ever book one session per day, so weekend dates can get booked up in advanced. (That was a subtle nudge for you to get in touch as soon as possible. Just a nudge, mind.)

Once we’ve got over that hurdle, you will need to pay your session fee to secure the date. You can do this by cash, cheque or online bank transfer. Modern technology is a fine, fine thing.

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