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Sometimes a little desk frame just isn’t enough, is it? Sometimes that fabulous family portrait deserves a little more attention. Because you really love the moment it captures, that giggle that spread between you, that tender hand holding, that incredible moment where it felt like you were the only two people in the world. Well apart from that lovely little bump. Oh and me, your photographer, who risked all sense of personal dignity to roll around on the cobbles until I got that one, perfect shot.

THAT photograph wants a little more love. It wants to be displayed proudly on your wall at home, where you can look at it and love it more every day. It wants to be printed on a premium quality canvas, hand stretched on a solid wood frame, and supplied ready to hang. So that all you need to do is select the perfect gap on your wall and get that gorgeous canvas up straight away. A simple, beautiful, contemporary display of the people you love in a portrait you adore.

This summer, you can book a very special photography session with me that includes your favourite image as a wonderfully big 30X20 inch bespoke canvas. And let’s be honest. Big really is beautiful. Because you’ve got that perfect place in your living room, that blank wall just waiting for a gorgeous portrait to fill it.

Or that spot above the fireplace. Where you can sit back and remember that day and how adventurous your little girl was…

…but also see just how much she’s grown – and how quickly! And she can see, if she won’t always remember, how gently daddy held her hand.

Maybe you want something special to display in your bedroom. Something stunning, that reminds you of that exciting time when you were waiting for your family to become 3.

Whatever the space you have in mind, let me help you fill it with a portrait of the people you love as a unique piece of wall art for your home.

This special package includes your session fee and a  30X20 inch gallery wrapped canvas. It’s available for £395 on all sessions booked throughout this summer, and scheduled before 31st August 2011.

You can look forward to a consultation beforehand to help you get the very best from your 2 hour on-location session with me, as well as a complimentary ordering appointment where I’ll help you choose the perfect image from your gallery of 20 – 30 session images. Further prints and products are available to purchase separately.

Session availability is strictly limited, so to secure your special canvas offer you can book your session by contacting me on 0784 147 9035, or emailing kate@kategriffinphotography.com.

It would be lovely to chat – let’s get that empty space full.




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There’s a particular type of acute embarrassment that follows a fall in public. I know this feeling well. I often tumble, followed by mild to major expletives and then laughter. Because I know that had I seen myself fall over, quite frankly, I would be wetting myself. I was not blessed with grace as a child, and my adult movement leaves a lot to be desired, so when I go sprawling (no alcohol involved, just my foot’s tendency to walk on the outside of itself) it is not with the subtle motion of a swan dive. More the terrible collapse of a condemned building. Puffs of smoke and general destruction included.

So imagine my horror when I tripped and fell shortly after meeting one wonderful expecting couple. I hit the ground hard but also managed to take a picture on the way down. What a pro. Being heaved up by one very heavily pregnant lady carrying twins and her husband was not the cool, calm, collected air I was going for. But it is a wonderful ice breaker.

You see, after that, Matthew and Barbara could relax safe in the knowledge that I had already set the bar pretty high for looking stupid. Now they could just relax, enjoy the late afternoon light on Primrose Hill and tell me all about the two little boys who were waiting in that beautiful bump, ready to make their entrance into a family spread right across the world but just bursting with excitement to meet them both.

As the sun went down and the world and his dog walked past us, we talked about the brilliant Downton Abbey, speaking to your bump as if it were a magic 8 ball, and possibly the most important question that always comes up during a maternity session with me – what is everyone having for dinner?

The gorgeous curve of a twins bump is really a sight to behold. The excitement, joy and love on the faces of two parents-in-waiting is even better.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will see the coats and fallen leaves and know this session took place a while ago. Well, erm, yes, you are correct! You win a prize. That prize is the newborn session that followed soon after, where I got to photograph the boys wide-eyed and alert, then all wrapped up and sleepy. But always under the smiling gaze of two very proud parents.

You can collect your prize next week. To claim it, just come back to the blog and I’ll have it waiting for you.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, I had a roast for dinner. It was after all a sunday. Always a roast on a sunday.

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I used to watch LA Law. A lot. I loved it and wanted to be a lawyer. Not a solicitor you understand, because that was boring and English and didn’t fit with my imagined high-flying life that was equal parts Wall Street and later a little bit Ally McBeal. That should have told me something – the fact that what I loved most was when they burst into song. The faintly ridiculous. That’s what I’m drawn too. (Two decades later, along comes Glee and my life is fulfilled.)

After an ill-advised stint working in a solicitor’s office, I realised something pretty big. That whilst I’m focused and determined and ambitious, that is never at the expense of other people. I’m just not built for corporate life. Certainly not the cut throat, dog-eat-dog existence, bottom-line worshipping world where the almighty dollar is king.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of financial frippery as much as the next person, but the little kid in me that loved a great book and treading the boards, wasn’t happy in the grown up world I grew into. Perhaps I don’t really plan on ever properly growing up. A little like Peter Pan, but without the fleetness of foot and defiance of gravity.

I suppose I’m quite sensible in some ways – the list-maker and the worrier in me. But I love to doodle and dream too. That’s why a job where I can wander out at will during the daytime, spread myself out on the grass, book in one hand, camera in the other, is just about the perfect fit for me. I can take the time to look around and really see things, without the world rushing past unnoticed. I can lie down, look up and see the faint outline of my little dog in the clouds.


Can you? Just about or not at all? Perhaps it’s just me then. I see her sat down, looking to the right and probably waiting for a biscuit. Greedy bugger.

You see, this is not the sort of blue-sky thinking of management speak that makes me shudder and then laugh a a little bit. Especially the phrase “brain dump” – which is oddly unsettling for a visual imagination like mine. Nope, this is the blue-sky dreaming that suits me better. The chance to imagine, to create and capture something that exists only for a moment, just for a split second before the breeze steps up a gear and breathes the clouds into a different shape. Dog-like or not. Because whilst I think in words, I dream in photographs.

So although building up my own little business requires a lot of hard work and some serious to-do lists, I am loving every late night, early morning of it. It’s not what I thought I’d be doing – but it’s better than I imagined. That is a lovely stroke of luck that I’m very grateful for.

And so back to work editing a recent session, with the gentlemanly thwack of Federer’s tennis stroke in the background and the laughing faces of a very happy family in front of me. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.



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  • June 26, 2011 - 11:23 pm

    rosie bray - Gorgeous words as always Kate, really lovely. Thank god for us that you’re not a lawyer, where would we go for beautiful photographs and inspiring, funny blog posts? Now then I can see a dog in the sky but it’s standing proud, in profile, facing right. Who knew clouds could be home to so many doggies!ReplyCancel