birth photography in surrey and london » Kate Griffin Photography // London Family Documentary Photographer

Kate Griffin Photography // London Family Documentary Photographer » Celebrating family life in London and across the UK

birth photography in surrey and london

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You’ll get that reaction a lot when you tell your friends you’re thinking about birth photography. I getZovirax cream

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This unique session experience is all about beautiful, authentic storytelling on the most important day of your life.Triamterene hydrochlorothiazide

kate griffin photography_birth story album_surrey birth photography_03

the birth story album

I’m a touchy feely person. Not in the awkward, socially unacceptable, invade your personal space sort of way.View full post »

home water birth farnham // birth photography in surrey

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I’ve always known I’d love it. Call it a gut feeling. And this not-insignificant gut of mine knowsSale prednisone

surrey home water birth // baby samuel arrives

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Remember, I told him, try and light the fire before I get there. You see, it would be mid November and chances were IOrdering ampicillin overnight delivery


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We all first met in a cafe. I ate a muffin and made a mess, tried to remain professional, but got far too swept up inFlagyl cost

birth photography london ITV discussion

behind the scenes at ITV’s Lorraine show

Remember that time one of the wonderful birth stories I photographed was featured and discussed on ITV’s LorraineView full post »

Birth photography discussed in the Daily Mail featuring Kate Griffin Photography

read all about it

Earlier this year, my work as a birth photographer was featured in the Daily Mail. That’s good, right? A bit ofView full post »

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I’ve done my daughterly duties today. Up early for a stomp around the car boot so that Dad could supplement hisSide effects of accutane

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