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There are a couple of decent cliches available for photographer bio portraits. You can hold your camera to remind everyone you’re a photographer. Or you can hug your children to show that you don’t scare the young.

I went for photographer + dearly beloved dog. Yes, she is struggling to get away. But it’s definitely love. Although I suspect she may actually be a bear/ewok rather than a pedigree cocker spaniel. She has dubious genetic history – but she is treasured nevertheless.

Anyway, there I am, smiling away, wrestling with an ageing dog, proving that I’m a splendid person to be around and that your kids will LOVE me. Because I do my very best storytelling work behind the camera when I spend time playing about in the world of a kid’s imagination, where bedrooms become grand castles and a woodland walk transforms into a hunt for bears, gruffalos plus any and all fairy creatures that happen to still be hanging about.

I can tease smiles out of the shy, wrangle the over-excited into happy submission and wait out a tantrum without blinking an eye. And that’s just the dads. Toddlers are a breeze in comparison.

So if you want honest, heartfelt images of the people you love, I’m the perfect photographer for you. Let’s get started!


KGP_AboutPagePhoto_Dogdog wrestling picture courtesy of Jonathan Canlas